Remedi Sakit Telinga


I still have ear infections daripada kecik.
Sakit. Annoying.
Nothing works until I jumpa Apple Cider Vinegar
or ACV like we holistic naturalist mommies junkies suka call it

Yang busuk tu jugaklah yang menjadi remedi kan.
Aaaawgosh dia punya busuk memang tak boleh tahan.
But it’s the only thing that works so nasib la busuk ke tak busuk ke
And some people sanggup bathe anak demam in a solution of it

busuk pun busuk la kan
Two immunologist kat the Malaysian Society of Immunology Workshop last week pun cakap yang busuk semuanya bagus for health…
tempoyak la
budu la
kimchi la
I guess because of the fermentation that produces good bacteria kan?

So what I do, is letak ACV sikit dalam container yang bersih, celup cottonbud and swipe dalam telinga.
Pedih. OK. This is totally something different on the tak-tahan scale

But biasanya a day after that, my earache subsides and I feel comfortable balik

I use to think benda sakit telinga ni keturunan, Turns out, it can be a sign I need to do chelation sebab I suspect I’m experiencing melcury toxicity from my amalgam dental fillings (tampalan gigi) so it creates problems like yeast infection or candida inside me and leads to ear infection.

wah…suddenly I sound like an AEFI victim no? 😉
*AEFI – Adverse Effects from Immunisation



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